About Us

The name Chiefs of Angels was coined from the Biblical reference to human being’s spiritual ranking and authority.

We believe humanity has been made superior to Angels, as such they should put on clothing that concurs with this spiritual truth. 

The 3 main pillars that inform our brands ethetic and ethos are:

✯ Rock ’n Roll History

✯ Spirituality

✯ Sustainability

It is these three factors that have helped shape the principle upon which we operates. For this reason our clients find our clothing Spiritual, Rebellious and timeless. Our brand is a mix of up-cycled, recycled, repurposed and newly made clothing. The combination of these means of design and production curated in a rock ’n roll  sensibility, set us far apart from other brands.

At Chiefs of Angels, we’re conscious about the ecological and environmental effects of our production & operations. It is a known fact that fashion is the second-largest polluter of the world. We do what we can to reduce our ecological foot print.

Our major aim is to be an International African contemporary luxury brand, rubbing shoulders and having stringent competition with top brands in all fashion capitals.

For this reason we will always aim to improve operations to meet
international standards, while still meeting the exceedingly discerning taste levels of the global citizen.

We ensure that our brand is known and recognised for quality, attainability, and uniqueness without compromising the pillars upon which our brand is built.